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My Dear Students

It is both an honor and a privilege to welcome you to this amazing institute. If you are anything like I was when I started , you are sitting there feeling a million different emotions and asking yourself a million different questions. “Did I make the right choice?” (Without a doubt); “Is this worth the sacrifices I have made to get here?”(Absolutely) ; and perhaps as you have already heard , you are not the admission’s mistake. In fact , I can assure each and everyone of you that you are here because you deserve to be and because you can bring something new and exciting to this diverse learning community. So welcome !

I Imagine some of you are just like me in that you have arrived knowing exactly what you want to study and intend to stay focused on that topic. I think that’s great. But I also encourage you to be open to new ideas, experiences and directions. You are learning from the greatest in the filed and with best and the brightest surrounding you, and will undoubtedly be challenged to think about new topics or view old topics in new ways. You never know when something might pick your interest.

The community of friends and faculty you will find here is like no other. Everyday I learn from my professors and my peers and feel supported by an amazing group of mentors and colleagues. When milestones are accomplished there is always someone around you. They will be your best source of support and they will help you make you most of your experience here. I guarantee there will be times when you wonder why you are here; that’s natural. But the people in this campus will be there to remind you of the reasons. The relationships you develop here with the faculty , staff and friends will also help you build your career. You are all here because you want to become the movers & shakers of the future. I urge you to make this happen by meeting new people , tabbing in to new resources and joining the RIMT Institute. The benefits will follow you forever.

Mr. Rabinder Singh



  Opposite Floating Resturant, Sirhind Side, Mandi Gobindgarh,Pin Code: 147301  
  Helpline No’s : 1800-137-0022  
RIMT Polytechnic College | Mandi Gobindgarh
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